Passionata Series : The ideal solution for reclaimed facing bricks

In the January 2010 edition of "Architect", a renowned Belgian professional magazine, the disadvantages of reclaimed facing bricks were enumerated as: (i) absence of a CE or BENOR certificate; (ii) higher costs, in general, aged bricks are more expensive; (iii) dependence on availability when an order is made, and (iv) increased risk of frost damage.


Floren has developed the Passionata Series, a rustic and timeless product line, which incorporates the best features of both reclaimed and new bricks:

  • authenticity and charm of aged facing bricks
  • high frost resistance and low water absorption of new bricks

Recently, we have added the smothered brick as an ideal complement.  This grey-blue brick can serve as plinth or contrast wall.


The Passionata Series includes :

  • Booms Klompje
  • Beers Klompje
  • Duffels Klompje
  • Brechts Klompje
  • Mechels Klompje
  • Deyns Klompje
  • Albion
  • Gothic
  • Leonardus

Download the Passionata brochure.

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