Floren and Paul Vandenbussche (TEEMA architects) created together a brick for a school project in Mol (Belgium).

We have chosen a long sized brick with dark brown body and changing colour varieties from purple over black and shining silver. The surface is very rough. These strongly shaded bricks are glued in random applied masonry. Thanks to the 27.5cm length of the brick, the horizontal lining of the building is highlighted.

By combining the rough and multiple shaded bricks together with fresh tinted glass surfaces, the architect stresses a positive school image.The red surfaces used in the circulation areas match perfectly with this concept.

For this project, Floren reduced the wall thickness down to 75mm, to ensure extra insulation space.


This project initiated the development of the Lava series. The rough surface is shaded with a variety of colours. The standard brick measures 27.5cm, which highlights perfectly the concept of modern architecture.

For more information on the existing Lava bricks, please click on following links :



Lava White