Solar for modern projects

The series consists of 5 related bricks, of which each separately or combined with others, is perfectly suitable to provide your project its own identity.

During the development process, we found inspiration in the composition of celestial bodies, such as the moon, the stars, meteorites,… . Both the rough structures and the warmth of the primary colors are present in the new range.

Our extruder process guaranties a superior quality of this esthetically well succeeded range. The very frost resistant bricks with high compressive strength and low water absorption below 10%, make sure your project keeps its appearance even on the long run.

The Solar brochure shows a complete overview. The project drafts colored with photo images predict a successful blend with modern architecture!

You can always contact us for a showroom visit, samples, panels or detailed brochures of the separate bricks.  

For the Solar brochure, please click here.

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