Floren was founded in 1896.  The company is the last brick factory in Brecht, where at the time, 9 brick manufacturers were located alongside the Campine Channel. 

In 2009, the fourth generation entered the company.  Together with the whole team, they guarantee to offer tailor made service, continuous product innovation and high quality standards.

Over the years, Floren has been modernized using the latest technologies.  As a result, the company complies with the most stringent production requirements.

Investments continued with ecological measures such as improvement of insulation of both kiln and dryers, and installing a state-of-the art steering program for the dryers, avoiding energy losses and optimizing the drying curves.

All around the industrial site, Floren creates a vast natural buffer of 20 meters of depth and several meters height surrounding the entire industrial site, in order to improve the quality of nature right behind the factory. The buffer will be dressed with high-trunk endemic trees and plants, and a wide moat.

Early 2019, the company is taken over by Michelmersh Brick Holdings PLC, based in the United Kingdom. The English group of brickworks defends the same values and individualized service.