Production process

Floren has its own clay pits.  They contain a combination of Campine old-Quaternary clays, the ideal basis for the production of bricks with a high compressive strength and a low water absorption rate. 

After transport and careful storage, the clays are mixed and kneaded to obtain the desired plasticity.  Minerals are added as required.

The homogenized mass is brought into the factory by conveyor belt.  The extruder compresses the clay under pressure and under vacuum, after which the extruded form is cut into the desired size. The unfired and still humid bricks are dried in the dryers during two or more days, depending on the brick size.  Special care is taken at this stage of production, in order to avoid fissures.

The dried bricks are subsequently placed on wagons that are resistant to extreme temperatures and fired in a fully automated tunnel kiln.  The temperature can reach up to 1250°C.

After firing, the bricks are ready to be collected. Additionally, and if required, the bricks can receive extra treatment  in order to create an aged look. This process takes place in a separate production hall.