All of our bricks bear the BENOR and CE quality label. In order to comply with these quality and stability standards, Floren is subject to various production audits and environmental controls during the year.

Download the CE and BENOR certificates by clicking on the following links : 


Bricks used as the outside shell of a building or house, are subject to numerous sources of pollution. Taking weather conditions into consideration, walls can be influenced by humidity,  frost and sunlight. As a result, the builder requires a solid solution which is resistant to all of these external influences.


Our bricks have the characteristics that offer natural protection against pollution. No additional treatment of the walls is required.

The main characteristics that provide such resistance to pollution are :

  • low water absorption of less than 10% for the vast majority of our bricks
  • high compressive strength higher than 50N/mm².
  • resistance to frost : our bricks are very frost resistant (F2 following code NBN EN 771-1)